Reiki Energy Cleansing

Energetic Clearings for Home & Workplace

Hello and welcome =)
I'm Mollie, a Usui Reiki Master and metaphysical enthusiast. My work is dedicated to helping people be their best selves. I can help you feel optimal by energetically cleansing the places you spend most of your time. Using Reiki to clearing negativity and bring in Light allows spaces to open up for abundance, happiness, and flow.

How Do I Get Started?

I currently perform Distance [remote] Cleansings, which can be scheduled anytime you choose. You only need to provide a few key pieces of information for me to work with the space. Click the button below to learn how.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality and energetic practice. It involves channeling life-force energy into a person, place, object, or situation to bring balance, health, abundance, and well-being.

We Are Products and Architects of Our Environment

The spaces we inhabit have a subtle yet profound effect on our integral health, relationships, personal and professional goals.

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How Can Reiki Energy Cleansings Help You?

Everything is made of energy: not just physical matter, our thoughts, emotions, and actions also have a charge, impacting those around us and imprinting on the places we live and work.

Thinking, feeling and behaving with disregard towards our selves or others allows toxicity to form, and things become stagnant the longer these energies sit without being addressed. This negativity resides not only in both our bodies and our surroundings, causing mishaps, disharmony, mental fog, physical ailments, and "bad luck".

Reiki Cleansing works to clear and transform toxic and stagnant energy, restoring harmony, flow, and lightness. When this is done in the home, workplace, or other personal space, it can open up opportunities for creativity, productivity, encourage better communication and well-being.

How Do Reiki Cleansings Work?

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Reiki practitioners are traditionally attuned by masters to be able to channel and transmit life-force energy to others for purposes of self-healing or to spaces for releaseing negativity and promoting flow. Due to the nonlocal-quantum nature of energy, Reiki session can take place remotely ("at a distance") with the same benefits as an onsite or in-person session. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about Reiki!

Want a Reiki healing for yourself?
Contact me for questions or to book a session.

Schedule a Cleansing

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Fill out the form below and include what type of space you'd like cleansed. I will connect with you shortly to arrange a session.

Pricing dependent on size of space:
$60: single room or office$200-300 : homes/office buildings 2000 sq ft or less$300+ : homes/office buildings 2000 sq ft or more